Focaccia, the traditional taste of Italy, is on the streets with Nonna's secret recipe.

Street by Street Italy

We are walking people. We set out for our dreams, we wander around the streets. GOODFORYOU people know that life begins not when you are born, but when you learn to walk. Walking is also the story of Focaccia for us.

One day we took a break in a small village in Italy. We were hungry. They served us Focaccia. An incredible dough, olive oil that melts on the palate and a flavor with lots of garlic… We thought that such a thing could not happen, so we asked who did it. They talked about an old woman living in the area. A mischievous but warm-hearted Nonna.

Nonna's recommendations took us on the tour. We traveled all over Italy from North to South, street by street, village by village. We tasted hundreds of Focaccia. We spoke to dozens of people. We scoured the doors to get the secret recipes. At the end of the day, we took the traditional taste of Italy and brought it to the street with the simplicity of GOODFORYOU.


Milan in the North, Naples in the South. Italian Roll with Cinnamon in the Center. Here is Focaccia!

The Story of Focaccia

GOODFORYOU Focaccia, like its friend businesses, has a simple, practical and smart structure. Run by the entrepreneur, these singled out Focaccia shops are in a practical business location away from the complexity of classic Italian restaurants. There are only two types of Focaccia on the menu of GOODFORYOU Focaccia: Northern and Southern. White and Red. Or Milan and Naples as they are named on the menu.

If you smell an appetizing smell of garlic while walking in your neighborhood, and an Italian song hits your lap, know that we are there. Someone who eats Focaccia from GOODFORYOU Focaccia once cannot choose another snack, just like the Italians who do not give up this flavor morning-lunch-evening.

Do you dream of being a chef, but having a taste spot without high start-up costs, expensive kitchen costs and crowded teams? Wonderful. Then you are in the right place.

Why Focaccia?

  • The traditional flavor of Italy is now on the street.
  • Focaccia culture spread to the world with the touch of GOODFORYOU.
  • Opening a Focaccia shop is economical, fast and practical.
  • All of the products are handmade, the materials are natural.
  • A magical flavor that captures every meal.
  • Two secret recipes combining the North and South of Italy.
  • A profitable and sustainable business model.