Real coffee is made by hand and heart. The rest is detail.

A New Concept

The world doesn't need a coffee shop again. Everywhere is full of coffee shops. Competing with the decor, crowded menus, expensive equipment, unnecessary varieties that are not actually sold… However, none of these are the point. At least it is for us. GOODFORYOU Coffee is not decorated with tables, large armchairs or chairs. Bringing warmth and sincerity to the neighborhood, these shops are furnished with the determination, dreams and belief of their entrepreneurs.

In GOODFORYOU Coffee, there is no menu confusion as in all its concepts. Expensive technical equipment, kitchen, cooling and heating utensils too. Real coffee all over the world is filter coffee. It must be done by hand, not by machine. The machine is cold. The person who makes the coffee by hand is sincere. This is how conversations and different experiences begin. This is what connects a person to the shop.

Only Handbrew coffee is served at GOODFORYOU Coffee. Hot or cold. White or black. Packed and healthy snacks on the side. It's that simple. We invite you to a different coffee experience, to sip the life stories of entrepreneurs with dreams.


Not the best coffee in the world… You are invited to take a sip from my story.


GOODFORYOU Coffee does not compete with mass coffee brands. Also with artisanal coffee shops that prepare coffee like surgery. GOODFORYOU follows its own path. This human-centered path has no analogues. Can there be a coffee shop for 35,000 TL + KDV? Of course not. That's why the game played here is different. GOODFORYOU teaches you this way. It helps you set up a scene where you work with fun and earn as you have fun.


  • We are a family that fits small shops with big dreams.
  • Our coffee is a good agricultural product. It is collected without the use of machinery.
  • We only serve Handbrew, handcrafted coffee.
  • Our shops that do not use machines do not leave a carbon footprint.
  • We consume less electricity, we protect the environment.
  • All our materials are recyclable.
  • Each GOODFORYOU shop organizes its own favor projects.