The new way of own fashion brand: GOODFORYOU Apparel

New Worlder Fashion

The world has changed after the pandemic. Like everything else in our lives, so is fashion. The younger generation does not look at dressing like their parents. Because they are new earthlings. Even though they belong to different religions, languages and races, the new earthlings meet on a common ground: Being free and living experience-oriented. Stick to moments, not vibes, places, people, or things. Living in the moment and enjoying the journey of life.

There are hardly any fashion brands that truly understand them and can accompany them on their journey. The demand of the new generation is clear: clothes that are simple yet different, comfortable but stylish, bodiless and genderless. This is where GOODFORYOU Apparel started.

GOODFORYOU Apparel was born for textile professionals who want to start their own business but have a capital problem, young professionals who want to step into the fashion world and those who want to make a career change.


Few items, a simple style, a collection suitable for
every moment of the day!

The Story of Apparel

I wish I had a fashion brand… I want to enter the fashion world, but I don't have any education about it… I have to have a collection, but it is impossible for me to cover the production costs. We know you have fashion on your mind. However, there are many obstacles to getting into this business. GOODFORYOU Apparel removes all obstacles for you. Moreover, it achieves this with a special collection that is ageless, genderless and even bodiless.

GOODFORYOU is in fact style of life. It is the representative of a generation that lives free, sees the world as a playground, and values experiences not things. Now these values turn into a new perspective on the fashion industry with GOODFORYOU Apparel. You must have heard the saying that less is more. We agree. And we increase… Less is everything!

Why Apparel?

  • Not an ordinary but new player in the fashion world
  • Low start-up costs
  • Practical and economical shop system
  • Design vision of a team that has worked for world brands
  • Ethical and sustainable production
  • Neighborhood shop concept for the first time in fashion
  • End of high inventory costs
  • A seasonal and permanent collection