Frequently asked Questions

A New Business Model, Not Ordinary!

GOODFORYOU is not like the classic franchise models. Its purpose is not to sell you franchises. Rather, it describes itself as an anti-franchise. We are a human chain, not a shop. We are not ordinary, we are new.

Long Live Minimalism

GOODFORYOU believes in minimalism. In decoration and in menu structure. Our business models are plain, but not simple. The lean philosophy enables us to build the world’s most economical businesses.

Disruptive Innovation in Retail

High decoration costs spent on the ceiling and floor, high rental costs, ingoing money, inflated personnel costs… There is none of this in our shops. In our opinion, this period is over.

Singled Out Shop

One person works in GOODFORYOU shops. S/he is the owner of the business, that is, an entrepreneur. This place brings together entrepreneurs who want to start their own business and do it themselves freely.

Shops of District

GOODFORYOU are neighborhood shops. It establishes its business not on the main streets, but on the side streets. GOODFORYOU entrepreneurs are the good people of the neighborhood. They play a different game at suitable rented spots.

Low Investment Cost Low Risk

Every business of GOODFORYOU is established with the most appropriate investment cost of that field in the world. The aim of this philosophy is to make the entrepreneur a business owner with low cost and minimum risk. This is a micro-entrepreneurship movement.

How much does it cost to open GOODFORYOU shops?

GOODFORYOU Coffee and GOODFORYOU Apparel are established with an investment cost of 35.000 TL + KDV, GOODFORYOU Focaccia 45.000 TL + KDV. This price includes everything except shop rental.

No franchise fee is charged for any GOODFORYOU business. We are a job creation organization. We are nothing like the classic franchises.

It is your decision. Still, we can tell you… It doesn’t matter. This is the job creation agency. You can do whatever job you want. Our jobs may change, but our philosophy does not. Our business model is same for 3 styles. Whatever you do, do it at GOODFORYOU.

Yeah. Two friends, husband and wife, sister or brother, even two lovers within GOODFORYOU… There are many examples of doing this business in partnership. The point is that you agree among yourself and clarify the rules. The rest is easy.

There is a very simple answer: We have no idea. Because we don’t know you. What kind of entrepreneur are you? Are you high on energy? Are you ready to pay the price for your freedom? Will you be able to apply exactly what you have been taught? If you answer yes to all of them, good news. You can earn enough to make you happy.

Classical thinking. Our goal is to open a GOODFORYOU in every district. In our family, no one is a rival to each other. On the contrary, our shops support each other. No one grabs anyone’s customer. It won’t open a new shop nearby. No matter how many neighborhoods there are in your city, each of them can have a GOODFORYOU shop.