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walking people, to the job creation agency.
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A New Entrepreneurship Model!

The fact that you are here right now means there is
something in your life that you want to change. Fine.

You are most likely displeased with your job and the way your life is going. You know you can do better. You are drained of trying to make someone else rich. You want to work for yourself and be free. Perfect. GOODFORYOU will provide you all this.. This is where you learn entrepreneurship on the street and directly in business. GOODFORYOU is a School of Life!

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We have only one ambition... To reduce your risks and problems 10 times when you start a new job... Also to increase your chances of success by 10 times. It's that simple.

The place you call GOODFORYOU is a playground. It is ripe solution. It is a scene with all details fully thought out. The entrepreneur takes over this scene and begins to perform his game.

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Wherever you see a GOODFORYOU, you know there is an entrepreneur walking towards his/her dreams. Our shops are not decorated with goods and machines, but with the dreams, determination and belief of our entrepreneurs. We believe in simplicity, homemade flavors and handcraft. For us, every business is built with human stories.
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